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Call 4 Contest

The idea


Who writes the most exciting stories, invents the cunniest riddles or knows the best jokes?


Win prizes with fascinating photographies or stunning drawings.


Are you a rockstar? A genius on the piano? A talented beatboxer?


Show off your awesome film-making skills!

Room for Creativity

Call4Contest aims to support artists by offering a platform for creative contests of all sorts. Everybody can create contests, participate and vote. Compete with other creative minds, win prizes, browse contests for thrilling stories, fascinating pictures or the coolest dance moves, upvote your favourite artist. In the end not just the best talent, but also the voters are rewarded. When it comes to the contests, there are no limits. Create a contest yourself, invent your individual genre, specify your own conditions.

Provably fair

Best of all, the whole creation, participation and voting process is completely transparent and leaves no chance to manipulate the outcome, because it is run on the Ethereum blockchain. This system runs with the secure digital currency called Ether, which allows automatic and almost feeless payments of the prize money. Checkout the concept for more information.








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